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The Nation

column | Posted December 16, 2004
SUBJECT TO DEBATE by Katha Pollitt
Stuff These Stockings (Please)

Another holiday season--and only a year after the last one. How did that happen? Probably you are feeling a bit tapped out just now, what with having given your savings, your house and your firstborn to MoveOn, ACT and similar. The elections swallowed up huge lashings of progressive cash, leaving other causes lean and hungry. So, generous Nation readers, down a couple of eggnogs and whip out that battered checkbook. Here's a list of excellent organizations, some familiar from years past, some new, with an emphasis on ones with a personal touch, a political mission and extremely low administrative costs:

National Advocates for Pregnant Women. This spirited group, headed by the brilliant civil liberties lawyer Lynn Paltrow, supports the rights of poor, often minority, sometimes drug-using women to respectful healthcare and social services, and fights punitive "fetal rights" prosecutions and legislation. The women NAPW supports are at the center of a perfect storm made of antichoice politics, racism and the "war on drugs": They need support and treatment, not to be arrested in their beds in the maternity ward, as happened in South Carolina, and clapped into prison. Pregnant women have constitutional rights too. And remember, as with all civil liberties issues, today it's them; tomorrow it could be you. Send checks to 153 Waverly Pl., 6th floor, New York, NY 10011 (

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