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National Advocates for Pregnant Women
invites you to march with us
at the March for Women's Lives Washington DC, April 25, 2004

NAPW seeks people who are willing to dress as if they are pregnant to march with us at the March for Women's Lives.  NAPW wants to make the point that laws designed to restrict access to abortion in fact often hurt women and families who want to have babies. We want children to join us as well to make clear that the debate about abortion in this country is deliberately manipulated to keep us from focusing on a fundamental lack of commitment to America's children.  There are ten million children without health insurance, more than 20 million living in poverty, and we have an educational system that leaves more and more low and middle income children behind. March with us to say that families deserve to be supported!

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Conference Background
Maternal-State Conflicts:
Claims of Fetal Rights &
the Wellbeing of Women & Families
Sponsored by:

The National Advocates for Pregnant Women and
The Mt. Sinai-Based Clinical Education Initiative

January 25-27, 2002, Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York City

Made possible by funding from:
the Overbrook Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Open Society Institute

Conference Quotes

"An inspiring conference . . . an amazing, invigorating blend of activists, affected women, lawyers, health care professionals, and academics."

"Thank you . . . for organizing an AMAZING meeting and for allowing me to be a part of it. It was by far the most interesting and stimulating meeting I've attended since becoming a physician."

"The conference inspired me to be more active, to get more involved in these issues."

"I found the conference incredibly inspiring and reassuring - it was wonderful to be able to interact with people from different disciplines with the same goals."

"What's next?"

Conference Background

Efforts to recognize the fetus as a legal person have been used, increasingly, to restrict reproductive freedom over the last decade. The growing recognition of fetal rights under the law not only has significant implications for women's reproductive rights, but also has far-reaching consequences in the areas of medicine, legal practice, civil rights, women's rights, racial justice, public health and welfare, drug policy reform, child welfare, HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, labor issues, and economic justice. In short, nearly every faction of the progressive social justice movement is affected by these measures.

Working at the intersection of these issues, the National Advocates for Pregnant Women has long recognized that solving the problems associated with claims of fetal rights and the maternal-state conflicts they create requires the joint efforts of doctors, lawyers, academics, activists, journalists, and concerned citizens from a variety of issue-area backgrounds. In light of this understanding, the NAPW sought funding for, planned, and sponsored a conference January 25th-27th, 2002 in New York City, entitled "Maternal-State Conflicts: Claims of Fetal Rights and the Well-Being of Women and Families."

The conference, made possible by funding from the Overbrook Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Open Society Institute, was co-sponsored by the Mt. Sinai-based Clinical Education Initiative (CEI). The event took place over thee days, including a limited attendance, full-day, pre-conference, coalition-building training, facilitated by Be Present, Inc. on Friday January 25th, followed by two days of informational sessions, roundtable discussions, and skill-building workshops.

During the event, NAPW brought together experts from medical, academic, legal, health care, public policy, and research fields, with activists and women personally affected by state interventions made in the name of fetal rights. Sessions were designed so that participants could learn more about the issues and develop coalitions and collaborations to protect and promote the well-being of women and their families. Over 175 people attended, bringing with them experience and expertise in the areas of reproductive rights, HIV, child welfare, drug policy, bioethics, welfare reform, youth activism, harm reduction, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, to name a few.

NAPW is very grateful for the extraordinary commitment and contributions of the speakers and participants at the conference. Some who attended felt that the conference marked the beginning of many new collaborations, coalitions, and movement for reproductive freedom and human rights. We know that it has provided us with inspiration and resources for carrying on and expanding the work of NAPW.


For more information about the Maternal-State Conflicts conference, you can contact us, or hear it for yourself by ordering a set of tapes with the downloadable form. Just fill it out and mail it, along with a check made payable to National Advocates for Pregnant Women at the address below. If you would like to learn more about NAPW, become an NAPW regional activist, or be added our mailing list to receive notice about future events, please contact us:

National Advocates for Pregnant Women
45 West 10th Street #3F
New York, New York 10011

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