National Advocates for Pregnant Women
invites you to march with us
at the March for Women's Lives Washington DC, April 25, 2004
Join us to ensure that the voices of all women -- including mothers and families struggling against histories of abuse, violence, poverty, discrimination and racism are represented at the march.

NAPW's Executive Director Lynn Paltrow
to Speak at March for Women's Lives!!

On Sunday, April 25th -
The NAPW contingent will meet outside at the Archives/Navy Memorial (on the yellow or green line metro stop) at 9:30 am on Sunday morning!
Just look for the pregnant looking women and our NAPW banner!

NOTE: If you are driving - park your car in the suburbs near a metro station - FREE on the weekends - DC will be pretty crazy with all of the marchers in town! If you want a suggestion for which station to park at just ask me and Iíll be glad to help out or check out this web site!

What you will need to bring!
  • BIG t-shirt to hold your beach ball "belly"!
  • Metro cards (order them online Be sure to get enough for a round trip - the lines will be long long long!
  • Water to drink
  • Food to snack on (we will have some stuff but you know what you like best)
  • A backpack or something to hold your stuff
  • Sunblock, hat, (there is no shade on the mall) and maybe a rain poncho (we will march rain or shine)
  • Comfortable shoes (there will be a lot of walking and standing)
  • A camera
  • A willingness to party and shout and let everyone know that womenís lives matter!

Spanish translation:
Los Defensores Nacionales a.doc
(Word Doc)

For too long the reproductive rights movement in America has been narrowly focused on the issue of abortion. NAPW wants to make the point that reproductive rights include the right to have children and that laws restricting access to abortion also hurt women and families who want to have babies. That is why we are seeking people willing to march with us and to dress as if they are pregnant. We also want children to join us to make clear that the debate about abortion in this country is deliberately manipulated to keep us from focusing on the lack of commitment to America's children. There are ten million children without health insurance, more than 20 million living in poverty, and we have an educational system that leaves more and more low and middle income children behind. March with us to say that families deserve to be supported!

How do anti-abortion laws hurt all women including those who want to have babies? These laws are based on the claim that fetuses are separate persons under the law, with rights hostile to the pregnant woman. If fetuses are legal persons then a pregnant women who refuses a cesarean section against her doctors' wishes can be treated as a child abuser and forced to undergo surgery that she believe is unnecessary for her and her baby. If fetuses are "legal persons" pregnant women can be arrested and jailed as criminals if any aspect of their lives or health is deemed to pose a risk to fetal health. In South Carolina and across America, low-income pregnant women, particularly those of color, have been targeted for criminal searches and arrest based on the claim that their drug use or other health problems are a form of child abuse.

   March with us

IN MEMORY OF Angela Carder - a 27-year-old pregnant woman, who in the name of fetal rights was forced to have a cesarean section that resulted in her death and the death of her fetus.

IN SUPPORT OF  Regina McKnight and other African American women who instead of having access to drug treatment and compassionate health care have been targeted for criminal investigation and arrest based on the argument that the fetus is a person and their drug problems during pregnancy -- a form of child abuse

IN DEFENSE OF all families but particularly families of color who in the name of fetal rights are having their children removed at birth based on nothing more than a single unconfirmed positive drug test.

IN CELEBRATION OF childbirth and the rights of women and families to decide for themselves if a
c-section is necessary.

IN HONOR OF mothers, because the majority of women who have abortions also bear and raise children, without compensation or any kind of meaningful state support to ensure the health and wellbeing of their families.

IN TRIBUTE TO all the families who, while our policy makers are wasting precious time and resources dreaming up ever more restrictions on access to abortion and contraceptive services, are struggling to find ways to stay together and survive.

We are asking you to sign up and commit to being there on April 25th, with pregnant belly and all.  In a few weeks we will post suggestions for how to dress the part, as well as information about where we will meet and signs you can make to carry. Check our web site at:

I __________________________commit to marching with NAPW on April 25th and to dressing as a pregnant woman to make the point that anti-abortion laws hurt women who want to continue their pregnancies to term.

You can reach me at:

Name: ______________________________________(Print)





My cell phone or other contact information for the weekend of the march is:

Send this to:
Wyndi Anderson
NAPW National March Organizer
3324 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC  20010

For more information contact Wyndi Anderson at:
or 202-246-6391

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