How many Americans should be sterilized?

"OUR MISSION is to reduce the number of drug and alcohol related pregnancies to zero." (Visited October 1, 2002)

"If someone is a drug addict or alcoholic and could get pregnant, then we hope they will take our cash incentive offer and get on birth control until they get off drugs."


Offering $200 for Sterilization (Tubal Ligation), IUD, Depo-Provera, and Norplant.

  • An estimated 14 million Americans (6.3 percent of the population 12 and older) were current users of illicit drugs in 2000 meaning they used an illicit drug during the month prior to being interviewed.

  • The number of heavy drinkers-individuals who consumed five or more drinks on the same occasion on at least five different days in the past 30 days -- was estimate at 12.6 million. An estimated one in four children lives in a family where a parent drinks too much.

  • Today, more than 76 million Americans admit to having tried Marijuana.

Which children are most at risk?

". . .our main goal is to get addicts/alcoholics on birth control." (Visited, October 1, 2002)

  • "Smoking during pregnancy creates a more serious risk of spontaneous abortion and a greater threat to the survival and health of newborns and children than using cocaine during pregnancy. It is also a much more pervasive problem."

  • In 1999, an estimated with an estimated 416,000 pregnant women smoked cigarettes in the past month.

  • In 1999 an estimated 316,000 pregnant women were past month alcohol users, and 80,000 pregnant women who were binge drinkers

  • In 1999 an estimated 91,000 pregnant women had used illicit drugs in the month before the survey. Marijuana was the drug most frequently used, followed by the non-medical use of prescription psychotherapeutic drugs.

"Jenny was born . . . . addicted to crack"

CRACK's 30 second public service announcement (Visited Oct 1, 2002)

  • "A withdrawal syndrome [from prenatal exposure to cocaine] has not been identified and, therefore, at this time it is inaccurate to describe a cocaine-exposed newborn as crack-addicted."

  • "[C]ocaine exposure in utero has not been demonstrated to affect physical growth; . . it does not appear to independently affect development scores in the first 6 years . . ; findings are mixed regarding early motor development but any effect appears to be transient and may, in fact, reflect tobacco exposure; and that exposure may be associated with modest alterations of certain physiological responses to behavioral stimuli that are of unknown physical clinical importance. In sum the data are not persuasive that in utero exposure to cocaine has major adverse developmental consequences in early childhoodÑand certainly not ones separable from those associated with other exposures and environmental risks."

What About the Men?

As of September 5, 2002, CRACK reported that the number of paid clients was 751 women and 17 men

Statistics: (Visited November 19, 2002)

  • Men continue to have a higher rate of current illicit drug use than women in 2000 (7.7 percent vs. 5 percent).

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